Walter Harris has had 9 of his books published previously. His latest novel Godhead, published by Patagonia Press, is now available via Amazon in Paperback and Kindle format here


Walter’s books cover a diverse range of genres and individual cover art is designed to reflect the different character and type of book while demonstrating a unity across the Harris brand.

The new look cover art has been designed to tip a nod to the era in which the original books were written and yet reflect the exuberance and joie de vivre that is the hallmark of Walter’s style.

Images of Godhead can be seen here

Several of the previous editions have cover art which has become collectable in its own right, including a cover of Clovis by “the Queen of Romance Cover Art” Elaine Duillo .

The cover art for The Fifth Horseman is by Jim Burns, probably the best-known contemporary British Science Fiction illustrator.